At AVS we use EPA approved disinfectant solutions to ensure our client’s safety and satisfaction. Our Anti-Virus Sanitation Specialists can help you stay secured and protected from viruses, bacteria and microbe-free. Furthermore, with the germ removal process, we provide odor removal for any unwanted scents.


Victory Electrostatic Sprayer

We use electrostatic sprayers to apply a coating, cleaner, or disinfectant. The process of sanitation involves an electric charge to a liquid in order to get it to fully cover all intended surfaces. In a scientific perspective, the mist that is sprayed contains a positive charge which comes in contact with the negatively charged surface, creating an attraction due to opposing charges. With this concept, the disinfection material is able to engulf the entire affected surface without contaminating other areas. With such technology, this process becomes the quickest way to deliver coverage of the entire area affected due to the droplets inability to overlap one another and be pulled to negative untreated locations on the surface. 

ATP Reader

We use specially designed bacteria detectors. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is an enzyme that is present in all living cells, and an ATP monitoring system can detect the amount of organic matter that remains after cleaning an environmental surface. At AVS, we use the latest and most advanced disinfection detector system. We can ensure our clients that our cleaning solutions and non-corrosive equipment will kill 99.99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria.



Victory Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

This sprayer can cover up to 10,000 sq. ft. per charge. The atomized disinfecting particles reach up to 15 ft. settling in all those hard to reach spaces. Guard your business or location from bacteria, germs, and viruses. 

  • Sprays over 23,000 sq. ft. per charge

  • Atomized particles reach up to 15 ft. away.

  • 2.25 Gallon chemical tank for EPA Approved Solution.

UVC LED Handheld Sterilizer


UVC  is used for removing germs and bacteria effectively destroying their DNA & RNA. It is widely used in the medical environment with its high disinfection rate. UVC LED reproduces the UVC light using LED beads, a 100% clean and efficient technology.  

Utility Terrain Vehicle Sprayer

Our specialty UTV Sprayers can spray 20 gallons of EPA - Certified Disinfectants. We use Germicidal Cleaner Concentrate a one-step, quat-based disinfectant which is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. 


Our UTV Sprayer can cover large areas such as:

  • Arenas 

  • Football Fields

  • Beaches

  • City Streets

  • Warehouses

  • Playgrounds 

  • Parks 

  • Any other unique large areas

The disinfectant solutions we spray are safe to use in residences, commercial institutions, daycare centers, nurseries, or restaurants.

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