All of our sanitation techs are highly trained. They are able to identify porous and non porous surfaces eliminating the risk of damages. Our techs are educated on how to properly mix disinfection solutions protecting your employees and crew members. 

Health and safety is more important than ever and Anti Virus Sanitation is the trusted partner you need to help ensure the safety of you, your production / business, and your crew members / employees. Whether you need a one-time disinfection or a comprehensive on-going preventative program, AVS can develop a customizable program that meets your needs, and you and your crew can have peace of mind that you will be fully protected.

Step One:

Lavender 256 / Strike Bac 

Cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes. Application is with microfiber towels with our individual team wiping down all high touch areas: door knobs and handles, light switches, countertops, remote controls, sink faucet handles, toilet handles, stair rails, tables and chairs, etc. We also use alcohol wipes for high touch points.


Step Two:

Purinse / Mediclean

Disinfecting solutions are used in our electrostatic foggers. The product will disinfect killing germs, viruses, bacteria, microbial organisms and fungi including HIV and Covid-19. The mist that is sprayed contains a positive charge that comes in contact with the negatively charged surface, creating an attraction due to opposing charges.


Step Three:

Keeping the surface wet to allow the disinfection solution to dry for 10 minutes, without anyone entering the area. We provide our clients with a MSDS sheet of what products are being used. Provide clients with detailed inspection form of services performed.


*Organic sanitizer & disinfectant available on request.

Pricing upon request.

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